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Level 2 Certified
Level 2 Certified

Custom Plan- $195/mo (customized plan, 3 month minimum sign up)

This plan is customized and specific to your race needs and goals. This plan includes face to face training, race nutrition, race strategy, mental preparation, goal setting, as well as, unlimited communication within reasonable limits (athlete initiated). In addition, specific needs are taken into account as the plan is personalized to your training tastes, abilities and goals. This training plan is priced at $195/month with a 3-month initial sign up requirement.

Customized Plan includes:

Individualized Training schedule updated as required
Athlete Training Guidelines
Functional Strength Training Guidelines
Technical Skills Coaching and Workshops
Race Strategies and Tactics
Mental Toughness Coaching
Nutritional guidance for training and racing
On line Blog
Unlimited Communication ( athlete initiated)

Initial sign up $555  ( 3 month minimum) and then $195 monthly thereafter

Discounts allowed for 3 month,  6 month and annual sign up if you are committed for  the season - Annual plans can/will be customized for all training phases including maintenance.

Payment Options for Customized Programs

3 month........................... $555
6 month........................... $975
12 month......................... $1900

All payments are to be received in full for each sign up period

Pre-developed Programs
Fees include program only - no customization or coaching guidelines

Olympic and Sprint

12 week  - $99
16 week  - $119

½ IM
12 week  - $129
16 week -  $149

16 week Customized Sprint Distance Plan            $149.00

16 week Customized Olympic Distance Plan      $239.00

Individual Skill Sessions -
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·Nutritional Guidance for training and racing
·Computrainer Analysis
                     Power- Watts - Spin Scan analysis
                     Pedal Stroke Analysis
                     Pedaling efficiency
                     Body Positioning
·Video Analysis for the Swim, the  Bike & the Run
·Functional/Core Strength Training
·Individual & Group Training Sessions available
·Stretching/Functional Strength Training
·Open water Swim Techniques and Drills
·Run Analysis and Drills 

There is a minimum three-month coaching commitment ($555) payable prior to initiating training. Subsequently, the athlete can pay month-to-month ($195/Mo) or recommit for 3 month, 6 month or annual periods to receive the discount. Coaching fees are to arrive by the 5th of each month & may be paid via Paypal on our payments page or you may pay by check by mailing it to the following address:

Tri K2  Koaching
Pam Kallio
3505 E. Hawser St
Tucson, AZ 85739-8898

Coaching Packages & Rates
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