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Level 2 Certified
Level 2 Certified

The required forms are the Coaching Consent and Agreement Form, the Health Questionaire Form & the Personal and Training Information Form.

Review the Tri K2 Kallio Koaching Coaching Consent and Agreement Form - click on the link for the form for review. Click on the Download Forms link to download the three forms.

Simply email a request for the forms to pam@trik2kalliokoaching.com and I will email the forms to you. Complete the Health Questionaire Form & the Personal and Training Information Form and return via email. In the case of the Consent form, remember that I MUST have a SIGNED copy of the Consent Form in order to get started on your coaching program. Also note that payment MUST be received in advance, (see below for the complete Tri K2 Kallio Koaching Policy).

All Fees paid in advance
All training and nutrition plans are confidential
No refunds for any reason - If for some reason you cannot train I will roll your payment forward until such time that you begin training again
All phone calls, emails and correspondence to be held in mutual confidence

How Do I Sign Up?
Kate & Mom after the Clearwater  World Championships 2006
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