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I have known Pam Kallio in a variety of capacities for the past two years. I initially met Pam and her family after my first triathlon in May of 2010. Following the race, I decided I wanted to complete the full distance Ironman Triathlon. After speaking with Pam for a few minutes, as well as seeing her own personal achievements, I was absolutely convinced she would be able to assist me in the achievement of my aforementioned goal.

Pam informed me that while a "lofty goal," it would be possible to not only complete, but to compete against other athletes in an Ironman Triathlon. It would take dedication and very hard work on my part. On her part, it would take commitment, planning, organization, experience, and motivation.

Months later, in November on 2011, Pam engineered a plan that allowed me to peak at race day. On race day, I felt not only prepared, but confident. The result was a finishing time 2 hours less than I had anticipated. Moreover, while I was tired, I was completely uninjured. The true test of a good coach is not only will the athlete complete the event, hopefully do well, and most importantly, do so without damage. Pam has come through on all aspects.

Pam not only inspires and motivates me, she organizes my entire workout lifestyle. Promptly every month she sends my wife and me a personalized workout plan that is extremely organized, but not over-engineered. I have, on more than one occasion requested to change the plan to tailor to my needs. Within hours she has a new, updated plan sent to me. 

Pam has detailed knowledge not only about workout routines, but also personal experience in areas of race hydration, fueling, supplements, and nutrition. This knowledge has come from many years (and 11 Ironman finishes) of real world experiences. She knows, innately how to motivate different types of athletes without being demanding or condescending. With her impeccable resume, it would be effortless to answer every question with simple dismissal. Not only has she never been arrogant, she is quite humble about her achievements. She is the consummate athlete.

Pam is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. Her personal and professional work ethic is beyond reproach.

Pam has a pleasant, friendly disposition in professional dealings, social gatherings, and athletic events. She can also be extremely motivational and inspiring. I would (and have) recommend her as a coach without reservation. She has the remarkable ability to anticipate the needs, attitudes, and abilities of her athletes. In my opinion, there is no better coach for any athletic endeavor.


Dr Matthew D. Jones, DPM

Matt - On the Bike & the Run IM AZ 2011
Level 2 Certified
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